With the unique assortment of aircraft McDermott Aviation have to offer, ranging from the smallest in our fleet the Bell 47, up to the largest; the Bell 214B, and also including our fixed wing aircraft the Beechcraft 200B, means that we can carry out a variety of tasks to suit any situation that may arise.

No matter what the task maybe or where the location is, whether it’s in a remote area, city skyline, over water or on top of a mountain, we have the ‘know how’ to get the task at hand completed quickly, with reliability and for most, safely. Any ‘High Risk’ activities that we carry out are covered by a site specific Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

With our highly qualified staff including Pilots, Engineering, Ground Personnel, and Management team, McDermott Aviation is the right choice to make when it comes to Aviation requirements. Our Pilots regularly perform ‘Check and Training” with highly qualified endorsed check pilots (CAR217 accredited Check & Training Organisation) to ensure their up to date with their safety procedure, and our ground/support crew are qualified Riggers/Doggers, first aid certified, and carry a Dangerous Goods License.

Due to the fact that safety is our Number 1 priority, it is a ritual routine that prior to any task/job being performed, no matter how small or large, a risk assessment is carried out to ensure the safety of our crew, our clients, and our cargo. Because of this, we are very proud of the fact that we hold an uncompromising safety record.

We work very closely with CASA and work within their guidelines and it’s because of this, our aircraft are serviced and maintained as per manufacturers maintenance manuals in accordance with CASA requirements. All our machines are maintained to the highest standards and all checks and servicing is complied with when due. We keep company flight sheets and records, and have never been involved in any breech of CASA Airworthiness 'Non-Compliance'.

For further information, please contact McDermott Aviation, and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you!