Aircraft CHARTER & Freight

McDermott Aviation offers Aerial charter including VIP Charter with the option of either a Helicopter (single or twin engine option) or Fixed Wing aircraft through our sister company ‘Machjet International’. In most cases, Aerial Charter is more cost effective way to transfer staff from isolated work sites, or to carry out aerial surveys for gas pipelines, power lines, and even air attack for fire surveys.

Apart from Charter, we can also utilize our Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft to carry freight/cargo, which is necessary for areas that are classed as remote site, where machinery breaks down and require parts ASAP, and the fastest means is via the air.

Starting with our AS365N/N2 Dauphin helicopter, this machine is an extremely fast, comfortable helicopter with kind passenger motion, and is coupled the enhanced safety of the twin-engine performance and reliability of the enclosed ‘fenestron’ tail rotor assembly. It‘s a perfect machine for VIP Charter with its leather interior seating, capability of carrying 8 passengers very comfortably or high density up to 12.

The Bell 214B, has seating for up to 12 fully equipped passenger crew or fire fighters and is perfect to transfer staff from isolated work site or to carry out surveys.

Our mid size helicopter, the Bell 206L LongRanger has the passenger capacity of up to 6 passengers, fuel endurance of up to 3.0 hrs, and can also be used for VIP Charter. Also, another mid size helicopter is the Bell 205 A1/A++ with the passenger capacity of up to 9 passengers, with an endurance of up to 2.5 hrs.

Our sister company ‘Machjet International” offers the Beechcraft 200B King Air which can be chartered for domestic or international charter or can be used for carrying cargo/freight.