In this day and age, the environment plays a very important part in our lives, so when an incident disrupts and threatens to pollute the environment, a quick rectification is in order.

Here at McDermott Aviation, we believe and practice in being green to try to help protect the environment in which we live in, so when we are contacted to assists in any sort of environmental catastrophe, we can offer cost effective, environmentally friendly ways to aid in the clean up of solid materials and waste.

By using our ‘under slung’ hoppers, that can be either manually or remotely operated by the pilot, oil spill dispersants can be sprayed onto the polluted area to reduce the overall environmental impact by dissipating the oil slick. By doing this, the oil is able to break up and form water-soluble micelles that are rapidly diluted. The oil is then effectively spread throughout a larger volume of water than the surface from where the oil was dispersed, and reduces the harmful oil exposure to birds, fish, and other wildlife in the proximity of the spill.

With most environmental disasters requiring immediate response, McDermott Aviation are always poised and ready to deploy all or part of our fleet to ensure we can assist in any way possible.