McDermott Aviation like staying up to date with technology, which is why we can offer the latest equipment and the ‘know how’ in Aerial Survey & Data Operations.

We can provide Aerial Photography, Multispectral Imaging, Aerial surveying for fire fighting, and Aerial mapping.

We can provide plotting/GIS data capture and mapping in any format. The report for the client can include attributes/comments with the imagery to show details that are found during the survey. We can provide accurate mapping/plotting of bushwalking tracks, roads etc, which can then be plotted directly onto aerial photos/maps.

McDermott Aviation have been instrumental in the development of the world first imagery system for the detection of Red Imported Fire Ant colonies in South East Queensland, the same technology is being used in Texas after the ground breaking development and trials conducted in Australia by McDermott Aviation and Outline Global.

Mining and exploration also widely employ our services for vegetation surveys, erosion surveys, and electromagnetic surveys. With the vast range of aircraft types, we have aircraft that are suitable for all of our client requirements, from small to large capacity aircraft, and of course twin engine aircraft of a variety of sizes also.